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GRC Membership

The Global Ranavirus Consortium welcomes all individuals with an interest in ranaviruses and their impact on cold-blooded vertebrates.

Select a Membership

  • Regular Members

    Every year
    Annual membership dues to support the GRC
  • Student Members

    For individuals currently pursuing an academic degree
    Valid for one year
  • Low income

    For individuals from low income countries (see below)
    Valid for one year

Support the GRC

Your annual membership dues will be used to support GRC efforts including the biennial symposium (for which membership provides a discount!), this website, and new outreach products.



The GRC organizes the International Symposium on Ranaviruses, generally in conjunction with another organization’s meeting. The symposium brings together a diverse group including veterinarians, virologists, immunologists, ecologists, conservation biologists, evolutionary biologists, and many more. The mix of professionals and students is refreshing, and the atmosphere is friendly and productive. GRC membership give you discounted registration to the symposium.


Access to forums

GRC member ship gives you access to the ranavirus forums on this site. Appropriate content for posting includes (but is not limited to) sharing information on recent ranavirus die-offs, research findings, or publications; asking questions or discussing topics related to ranaviruses or ranaviral disease; and providing information about GRC activities. Anyone can read the forums (including non-members) but only members can post content.

Discounted memberships for members from low income countries

Get free membership if you reside in a low income country e.g. one of the Research4Life Group A Countries. If you have any questions about membership (e.g. pricing) please contact us using the form below or the built-in chat box. 

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